CLOSING SESSION - Free and Secure Internet for the Future

Closing Session

The following main points were discussed at the closing panel:

  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia Luvsanvandan Bold said his country’s approach is to take Internet access as a fundamental human right and then address access concerns. He invited all participants to take part in next year’s FOC conference in Mongolia.
  • Director of the European Regional Bureau of the Internet Society Frederic Donck stressed that multi-stakeholderism is a paradigm shift and that support for the concept and its validity is only rising. Being present is important for multi-stakeholderism, but offering solutions and solving problems together is even more so.
  • Mart Laanemäe (Estonian MFA) concluded the conference by thanking all participants, sponsors and organizers. He emphasized  the importance of supporting the Digital Defenders Partnership that Estonia and other FOC members continue sponsoring and invited all stakeholders and individuals to sign the Tallinn Agenda online on the conference website